Last month I went to Singapore to visit my parents. I had a great time meeting up with friends, trying out all the new eating spots and of course Singapore’s favorite pastime, shopping. But I was determined to do something different this time around. I wanted to visit somewhere i’ve not been before in Singapore. Considering the fact that I lived there for 10 years and it’s being the tiniest of dots on the world map, my chances of finding a “new” place were slim. But I did find one and was quite surprised with what I found. 

The place is called “Mac Ritchie Reservoir”. It is a famous spot among cross country runners but not hikers. The dirt tracks around the reservoir were moderately challenging. Nevertheless me and my family set out to walk around the reservoir, a good 10-12km walk. Along the way we passed the newly built “Tree Top Walk”, which I must admit was quite interesting, but not spectacular. 

The bit that got me was the lack of…noise. Singapore is a bustling cosmopolitan city and the noise of it all can be quite annoying at times. This reservoir is located in the middle of a very densely populated area, so the fact that you are able to experience it’s quiet rainforest environs is….surprising! So I would definitely recommend a visit to this place if you wish to enjoy a quiet moment or two and see a completely unexpected side of Singapore.

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