I recently came across this article. In my view this is written in the middle of the night when Richard had nothing better to do.
Just think for a moment… Imagine building a house without a plan and a construction standard… How will that work?

“I expect everyone to write good clean code. You decide what that means. You decide if you can sleep at night with random code layouts and inconsistent variable names. But you know what, maybe they just don’t matter for a 100 line node.js mini-server that only does one thing. You decide.”
If you are building a small shed to keep your garden tools, may be you don’t need a standard. You would just put together 4 posts and some tin to keep it water proof. Job done. But would you build your 4 bedroom double story house without a proper plan and a standard? Would you trust your builder to be smart and creative and build something that won’t collapse in 2 days?

Coding standards are important. In my view, it serves 2 purposes

  1. It defines the boundaries developers can do their magic. If the magic requires crossing the boundary you’ve setup, then it should be discussed and put through its paces. Your coding standard should be ever evolving and adapting to change.
  2. When new developers come and go, your coding standard is only thing that will ensure the uniformity in your codebase.