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What it means to be Agile?

Recently a friend of mine asked me… “What does it mean to be Agile?” Without much thought, I went on talking about the good things about Agile… like Pair programming, TDD and Stand-ups and so on. Then he interrupted me… “No, I mean what does it mean to you to be Agile?” I paused and thought… At the end I don’t think I gave him a convincing answer. So therefore I’m writing this blog to …

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The great convergence

Today I attended the QCon conference in San Francisco. Kent Beck , the "father" of XP, opened the conference with his keynote speech on Trends in Agile development. It was pretty interesting to hear what Kent had to say about the all the hype in XP community.  According to Kent, we are seeing a great convergence of Business Trends and Developing Trends in the IT world. 10 years ago developers didn't really care much about …

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